Powerline Tracks for Vancouver Island

Many great riding areas often start where major powerlines intersect rural or logging roads. Because of this, I traced out all of the major powerline routes on Vancouver Island. The source maps were the 50K government topos (available HERE).

Don't expect to ride the entire length of a powerline. Around these parts, they often use helecoptors to run the wire so, unless you've got wings, you'll be looking for ridable sections, which may or may not go all the way through to other roads. Also, around settled areas, powerline right of ways are often leased from farmers, so routes may dead-end on a gated field etc.. In other words, even if you find an entrance to a section of ridable powerlines, you may have to double-back the way you came.

This track is the full version, with over 900 points, so it is not suitable for downloading directly to GPS receivers - at least not mine. It's quite detailed actually. It took about an hour to trace out from the maps and includes multiple sections.

You can download the track in Google Earth (KML) or OziExplorer (PLT) formats HERE.

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P.S. If you're interested in a reduced version that I made for my Garmin E-trek Legend, with a single section and less than 500 points, let me know. It sacrifices a little detail, with well over half the points removed, and includes some double-backs to keep the track in one section. However, it does work well in my GPS and is one of my "standard tracks" that I always keep loaded.

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